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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Day 2

I decided to take two days off as an early weekend and decided to work Saturday and Sunday. I was having a bit of a rough day yesterday and tonight I just got back home. Hopefully this will help the development of MetaCube since I'm in a much better environment.

Today I plan to give the Gateway server sockets so it can, well, do server-y things. After sockets I plan to write some remote control code so that the server can be managed remotely and maybe a little Ruby/Tk app to communicate with the server for now. After that, I think I'm going to need to write the MetaCube Binary Querying Language (MCBQL) for efficient communication of data. XML is very wasteful and I want to use as little bandwidth as I possibly can for each action so that more clients can connect on a cheaper connection to the data center. It also makes things easier on people with lower speed connections, and users on congested networks (Cable, anyone?).

After I get that working, I'm going to need to write a Ruby/Tk app or something to that effect to test MCBQL and the server's ability to check a user password and either accept or reject credentials. Then I get to work on a different type of server; the Task Master server. I'll need to make a note to come back to the Gateway server after that one is done because it needs to be able to REROUTE to the task master on a successful login.

I'll keep you posted on my project.


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